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Northern escapee vows to fight progressive ideals seeping into SC? Really??

My headline for a recent letter to the editor: Repressive Regime Escapee Moves to Bluffton, Vows to Fight Destructive Progressive Ideals Seeping Into South Carolina.

Really? Blinded by facts, how was this new Blufftonian able to see through the darkness of New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania and make his way to conservative South Carolina, the bastion of poor education (ranked 48th), lousy health care (ranked 41st), and increasing crime (ranked 41st)?

Ohio was won by Donald Trump by a margin of 8 points, an unprecedented 10 percent more Republican than the national average in 2016, and the farthest it had voted from the rest of the nation since 1932.

Pennsylvania backed the Democratic presidential candidate in every election since 1992 up until 2016, when it was won by Trump.

New Jersey was governed by Republican Chris Christie from 2010 to 2018.

It’s too bad our new neighbor chose to waste $700 in taxes so he could vote Republican in 2016 in a state that has voted Republican in 13 of the last 14 elections, even in 1968 when George Wallace was running and took just six Southern states. Think of the conversion-therapy sessions for Joe Cunningham that money could have paid for.

Marshall Coleman


Mark Sanford misses election lesson

Whose wake-up call?

Congressman Mark Sanford’s article in the New York Times and reprinted here on Nov. 15 indicates he completely missed the lesson of the mid-term election results. He said he lost the primary because he wasn’t Trump enough. Then, during the election he didn’t endorse the Republican candidate.

The conservative agenda has been the Republican agenda for many years, long before Donald Trump entered the political arena. Mr. Sanford turned his back on it during the election. He claims to be a conservative, but it appears his actions or lack thereof were sour grapes.

Look at the conservative agenda accomplishments in the past two years: tax reform, regulation rollback, economic growth, lower unemployment, return and retention of jobs going overseas and to Mexico, initiation of border security, renegotiation of trade agreements with Canada and Mexico, and initiation of health care reform, including the onerous individual mandate. Mr. Sanford’s concern was offshore drilling and spending reductions. We are all concerned about these issues, but one can do only so much at one time.

By not supporting the Republican candidate and therefor the conservative agenda, he helped elect a Democrat to the now House majority. We will see how this new guy performs when he gets to Washington and gets sucked up in the Democratic obstruction machine.

Paul Westphal


Hilton Head lucky to have Steve Riley

I live in Hilton Head Plantation and have owned property on the island since 2002. Our property owners’ association had Steve Riley, the Hilton Head Island town manager, as a guest speaker today. He provided information on the new island bridge, the cleanup from Hurricane Matthew and several other subjects pertinent to island residents.

Whatever the town pays him isn’t enough.

Thankfully for us, he hasn’t found another town manager job.

Paul Armstrong

Hilton Head Island

Kayak launch at Hilton Head park a great addition

The Town of Hilton Head Island has recently installed a kayak launching system at the Rowing and Sailing Center on Squire Pope Road. The launch will surely amplify the appeal of this popular town park.

It will provide safe and convenient access to the waters of Skull Creek for visitors and residents throughout the year.

Thank you, town staff.

John Witherspoon

Hilton Head Island

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