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Letters: Roads and bridges not the solution for Beaufort County

It seems like there are some other choices besides more roads and bridges to take care of traffic backups on U.S. 278.

How about an efficient bus system, and some form of rapid transit? Does anyone carpool anymore?

More roads and bridges will just mean more cars. We need to look at other solutions. An efficient monorail would be a great asset to the area.

Many areas move thousands of people a day via rapid transit. We should investigate this choice. Park-and-ride is used in many cities in Europe.

A recent editorial page column supports public transportation. Let’s support positive change.

Gail Ladwig

Hilton Head Island

First, focus on traffic signals on Hilton Head

After having been stuck in the daily exodus from Hilton Head Island, it appears to me that some of the initial focus has to be on the two traffic signals that are a primary cause for the backups to and from the island.

The only other solution to deal with the traffic signals would be an over pass, or as it’s called in South Carolina, a flyover, for traffic making turns off of U.S. 278 at the main traffic light. But that option most likely would be detrimental to the island’s character and beauty and would require a significant chunk of land to accommodate the construction.

A secondary option is to take better control and management of all the lanes that have to merge when exiting the island at the main traffic signal.

John Hiller

Sun City

Polling place in Pritchardville was run well Nov. 6

As a poll watcher at the Pritchardville location, I disagree with the letter to the editor Nov. 8, complaining about the operation of this polling location.

Everything I observed was run very professionally and in an encouraging, helpful and friendly manner. The wait, at times, may have been a couple hours, which was a direct result of the interest of the citizens in this voting location to participate in one of our greatest rights.

Waiting a couple hours every two years to vote is really not too much to ask, and it provides a wonderful opportunity to communicate with neighbors in our community.

Many thanks to all the hard-working people at this polling location (many were there from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.) during this midterm election.

Ken Fischer

Sun City

Absentee-voting site needed on Hilton Head

Did I understand correctly your article on the runoff election for mayor of Hilton Head Island? People who live on Hilton Head cannot vote absentee in person for the mayor of the Town of Hilton Head Island without leaving Hilton Head and driving to Bluffton or Beaufort? Is there not one voting location on Hilton Head for the residents of Hilton Head to vote absentee for the mayor of Hilton Head? Am I the only one who thinks that makes no sense?

Patsy Cartwright

Hilton Head Island

It’s not vision on Hilton Head, it’s tribalism

Visioning is a tactic a lot of politicians use.

Hilton Head Island is a resort island where three-fourths of the land is gated and private, which leaves about 30 percent to handle all the stores, restaurants and gas stations. Hilton Head insists on thinking it is a real town. False!

This is a resort community. And “community” is a stretch. Several gated and guarded plots of condominiums, a chamber paid in huge tariffs to attract vacationers, a broken government, a broken school board.

This is a retirement haven for semi-affluent Midwesterners who think their gate and their cookie-cutter McMansion deserves protection from the masses so they can enjoy a round of golf or a tennis match and martinis and old fashioned at their favorite restaurant.

There is no vision. This is tribalism at its finest.

Sandon James Preston

Hilton Head Island

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