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Letters: Maybe it’s time for Hilton Head to get a police department

Should Beaufort sheriff charge for 911 hangups, false alarms? Report raises the idea

A consulting firm's report suggests ways to improve service by the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office on Hilton Head Island.
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A consulting firm's report suggests ways to improve service by the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office on Hilton Head Island.

The dust-up between Town of Hilton Head Island leadership and the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office will likely get worse.

Hilton Head is growing. It’s demands on the county for law enforcement will most surely increase.

Town leaders look at an island police department as being too expensive. Fact of the matter is, Hilton Head is the only municipality that doesn’t have its own force.

Maybe it’s time to rethink the town’s current position?

Bruce Bartow

Hilton Head Island

Sheriff P.J. Tanner’s right: Hilton Head study useless

After reading your articles about the audit of the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office brought on by the Town of Hilton Head Island, I agree with Sheriff P.J. Tanner’s assessment that the audit was “useless.”

The mere fact that the consulting firm, Public Safety Strategies Group, reported that there was somewhere between 1,733 and 2,112 auto accidents on Hilton Head in 2016 when there were only 947 accident reports filed, brings into question the competency of the auditing firm.

Public Safety Strategies Group was critical of the Sheriff’s Office for not implementing the data-driven approach to crime and traffic safety. I feel this program is just a fancy title for common-sense police enforcement practices. After analyzing crime and auto accident reports, manpower is assigned where it is most needed. Patrol units must still respond to 911 calls, regardless of the nature of those calls. Sheriff Tanner says that his department does just that.

Could improvements be made? Absolutely. There is always room for improvement. The two parties should work together and iron out the kinks in their working agreement.

The Town of Hilton Head Island wasted $25,700 of taxpayers’ money on this “useless” audit.

Howard D. Sassman


Help resist the liberal wave of Northerners moving to Lowcountry

I read with great interest the recent letter and fully agree with the writer. Both South Carolina and Georgia are experiencing this invasion of New Jersey, Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania retirees who are bringing their destructive progressive ideals with them.

We moved to Bluffton in 2016 to escape the repressive regimes of New Jersey, but thankfully I saw the darkness of the Democrat Party back in 1980 and have been Republican ever since. I don’t know how to avoid the problem, or how to solve the problem, other then for the good people of South Carolina to remain diligent in the conservative way of life and try to show the invaders of the errors of their way of thinking.

When we arrived here in September 2016, we immediately registered our vehicle in Jasper County so we could change our drivers license and vote in November 2016. We could have waited until our house was complete in Bluffton and saved about $700 in taxes that year on our personal property vehicle tax, but would not have been able to vote and it was too important of an election.

We are not all progressive Democrats but I know most coming down here are.

I do not have an answer for this problem. Just hope for better Republican candidates in the future and stay on Joe Cunningham’s back to get him to see the error of his ways.

Joseph Zazzarino