Letters to the Editor

They claim this as victory?

Many years ago, I attended my one and only Jai Alai match in Florida. I remember my brother-in-law proclaiming that our team won. He then proceeded to the window to cash in our winning tickets. Strangely, I don’t not remember receiving any payout that night, but I do remember being very confused by rules of the game.

As I watched the election returns Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, I kept thinking about my initiation into the confusing world of Jai Alai long ago.

Currently, the Blue Team is saying it won by taking the House. The Red Team claims it won by fortifying its lead in the Senate, and we keep wondering how anyone can claim victory. We still have infants and children separated from their families at the border. We have families unable to pay for essential medical prescriptions. We have too many children thinking their school could be next in the long line of mass shootings.

So many of us had hoped this election would help to end the rampant xenophobia, violence, and intolerance that is crippling our nation. We had hoped this election would clearly illuminate a national desire to return to civility, ethics, and justice. However, we have once again been denied a payout of common decency. Hopefully, we have gained more from this election than more political deadlock and tribal warfare.

Joseph Taylor

Lady’s Island

Trojan Horse in District 1

They moved down here to retire to get away from a high-tax state. They voted Democratic all their life. Now they are here with the socialistic values that ruined their old home state. They are coming down Interstate 95 in droves. Soon all the problems you read about in those high-tax states will be at your doorstep.

Democrats are “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” Keep an eye on good old Joe Cunningham and see how he votes these next two years. The Trojan Horse has been wheeled onto the U.S. House Representatives floor.

Meredith W. Henry


We don’t need personal rage

The most civilized societies throughout history have resulted from unification, not conquest. The best way to achieve the multi-layered thinking that allows diverse societies to live in concord is education. University graduate schools are among the most diverse populations in America. Students are there to seek knowledge and achieve solutions in their field. Constantly warring countries do not have the funds to devote to education, so their leaders stimulate factionalism.

Your recent full page of letters revealed that the emerging division in our country may be less about partisan politics and more about what kindles these writers’ perception of the issues.

Some reflected rage and sought to blame conditions on iconic personalities, such as Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Bernie Sanders. Yes, all of these are Democrats, but they illustrate widely different approaches to achieving their party’s agenda. Even Bill and Hillary Clinton are politically distinct individuals and not “the Clintons.” Each of them speaks not only with highly-educated passion – but with a civil tongue.

We are always going to have differing attitudes and approaches to the matters that confront us, but leading with our emotions and emphasizing blame on the other party instead of facts will only dampen discussion and incite division. Many would rather shout than discuss … but why? Come up with a solution rather than blame.

These days, I simply turn off the radio or TV when a politician – Republican or Democrat – begins to shout and insult because I sense their rhetoric reflects their personal rage, which I don’t need.

Kate McClintic


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