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Letters: Beaufort County took my vote away

I wish I could have voted for governor of my new home state. I wish I could have voted for representative, for County Council, for sheriff, for school board. But I could not, and would not, stand in line for three hours with no places to sit and rest, no water, no bathroom facilities, with it being hot and muggy and full of bugs.

When will our county election officials ever plan ahead and have sufficient staff, sufficient voting machines and equip election polling places so that voting becomes a pleasure rather than an onerous task?

I guess in the future I will need to vote via absentee ballot to assure my opinions and choices are counted. I cannot, and will not, tolerate these voting conditions again. I am disappointed, to say the least.

Mike Turner


Voting does not have to be like this

I would like to inform those who waited hours in line to vote on Hilton Head Island, that it could have been avoided.

Poll workers at two voting locations stated that there were not enough voting booths.

At Sea Pines Center, there were initially just six booths. Two of those eventually broke down. One worker thought at least 15 were needed.

The poll clerk/manager said the county told them there was not enough money for more booths. Plus, the voting booths being used are antiquated. They must be manually started every time a new voter goes to the booth.

Maybe someone was voted in on Tuesday who can correct this major problem. Beaufort County should be embarrassed.

Michael McGinn

Hilton Head Island

Nothing right in 3-hour vote

I just returned from the Pritchardville school where I waited over three hours to cast my vote. They were completely unorganized, under-staffed, very poorly trained and completely unconcerned about the voters’ complaints. There is nothing I can point to that was handled correctly.

They didn’t even have the consideration (brains?) to post a sign telling voters what line they should use for their voting district.

If I had it do over, I would have stayed in bed.

Donald Fredericks


What a deal for school board

I wish to save the Beaufort County Board of Education all the time, trouble, and money it will take to hire a “head hunter” search firm to select candidates for superintendent.

I offer my services for only $100,000 per year. That’s less than half the going rate.

I don’t have the proper credentials to fill this position, but that’s OK. A few years back, we had an uncredentialed person serving as superintendent and the school district hired a deputy superintendent who had a superintendent’s certificate to avoid our schools losing accreditation.

Hire my assistant for $100K per year and you get two for less than the price of one!

Additionally, my wife can be hired as the attorney that the board decided we needed a few years ago. She too will work for half price. She’s not licensed to practice law in South Carolina (or anywhere else) but the last person hired wasn’t licensed in South Carolina either.

If the lawyer job isn’t available, I’ll create a new position for her – for only $75,000 per year. That’s $15,000 less per year than the last “make-believe” job created for the superintendent’s wife.

What a deal for the taxpaying public!

L. Vinny Francese


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