Letters to the Editor

Obey the law around school buses

I have driven a school bus in Beaufort County for nearly seven years.

I write this letter to try to save lives of students and raise the awareness of our driving public.

By law, school buses are equipped with many safety items and systems.

Bright yellow flashing lights indicate the bus is slowing to pick up students, and drivers in both directions must slow. Red flashing lights and a flashing stop sign tell drivers to stop. It seems so very obvious and simple: slow and stop.

However, many times each day drivers fail to heed warnings. Who knows why.

The lives and health of thousands of students are in danger.

In spite of the minimum fine of $500 for running the stop sign on a school bus, or the $5,000 fine if there is an incident, drivers continue to endanger our loved ones.

Help me out here. What’s is going on?

Steve McCarty


How to help close the achievement gap

I read your recent article, “Test scores show widening racial achievement gap.”

There has always been a gap. Interim superintendent Herbert Berg correctly remarked, “There is a gap and the educators in the system know it.”

Now, what should we do about it?

If the Beaufort County School District and the school board are sincere about looking for answers, they don’t have to look far.

The answers can be found by visiting our schools on a regular basis, walking the halls, sitting in classrooms and talking to our teachers. Answers can be found by attending our School Improvement Council and PTO meetings.

If we are going to not only close the gap but increase opportunities for all of our students, regular participation from the ones who create the policies at our schools is vital.

Scott Shipsey

St. Helena Island

Elizabeth Warren’s response weak

I almost laughed out loud after reading your Washington Post column praising U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Apparently, the liberal writer feels Warren really counterpunched President Donald Trump about his hilarious nickname mocking Warren’s Native American ancestry since she finally had a DNA test performed. Seems like there is a chance Warren may have as much as 1/64th or as little as 1/1024th of Native American blood in her DNA, most likely the lower number.

This from a woman who used her supposed Native American background to gain an advantage in her career.

Trump was right, she deserves the nickname he gave her. And when the Cherokee Nation Secretary of State accused Warren of “undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage,” well, that says it all.

I can’t wait for the debates if the Democrats choose her to run against President Trump in 2020.

Mike Lewis

Harbor Island

Where are local medical practices?

I just read an interesting article in your Extra Extra digital edition about medical students being introduced to treating seniors and their related aging conditions.

At the end of this wire service story, you would have done a service to your local community by adding Beaufort County information.

Do we have any “geriatricians”? Why don’t we have a local rheumatologist? Why do we have so few dermatologists? These medical resources are important to retirees. All we see is ... “Retire to Beaufort” ... “Beautiful Over-55 Communities in Beaufort” ... then you can drive to Charleston for your health care.

Patricia Cooke


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