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New Beaufort city job actually an oxymoron

I’d like to comment on your Oct. 3 article about the recent hire of David S. Prichard as the new Economic Development and Community Director for the city Of Beaufort.

He replaces Libby Anderson, retiring as city planning director after her successful 22-year career with the city.

Prichard’s background is in urban and regional planning from Virginia Tech (as well as being the former development services director from Maryville, Tenn.), so he is eminently qualified for this new position.

However, I have a concern with the City Council and city manager in combining economic development with urban planning.

How can anyone successfully recruit new businesses/jobs to the city and at the same time defend the city’s Comprehensive Plan, Civic Master Plan, and Historic Preservation Manual? Businesses want the best locations and highest uses, and residents want minimal impact and reduced traffic. It is an oxymoron. The public will cry foul. And some will say the system is overly biased.

Reconsider separating urban planning from economic development. Let two positions defend economic interests versus neighborhood/historic impacts. Or, the public will say the system is rigged toward businesses/jobs at any cost. And, City Council will be caught in the middle.

Quinn Peitz


The writer is a member of the city’s Historic Review Board.

Democrats want socialist country

“Impeach Trump”?

That’s a statement being made over and over again by Democrats, the newspapers and TV. To what end? If the Democrats take over the House in November, what will the impeachment process accomplish? If Trump is impeached, what chance is there that the Senate will vote to remove him from office with a 75 percent vote threshold to overcome? It would be a typical example of Congress wasting time on a non-issue.

However, to Democrats it really doesn’t matter so long as it gives them the opportunity to regain power.

Readers must realize that the Democratic Party is all about power and not promoting American interests domestically and abroad. They believe that their goal, especially today’s Democrats, is to transform America into a socialist country — that Americans should look to government to supply the majority of their wants and needs.

Adults today under the age of 60 have been taught in our public schools and universities that capitalism is bad, that it takes money from the poor and middle class for the benefit of the leaders of business and industry . They think recent tax cuts do not benefit anyone other than the wealthy. Believe it, if you pay taxes you will save money.

Do voters really wish for the Democrats to take over? It would mean the reversal of the tax cuts, the support of open borders, more sanctuary cities, more regulations, etc.

Is socialism in our future? Not if you vote in November to prevent it.

Tom Hatfield

Hilton Head Island

When will GOP ever side with the people?

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell famously said: “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

Senate Republicans blocked almost everything Obama supported to stay in “lock-step” with their leader. And so we come to today: a Republican Party that supports a president who campaigns three days a week and golfs on the weekend; a president who nominates as department heads and secretaries men and women who are anti-immigrant, anti-public education, anti-science, anti-climate change; a president who has estranged us from our friends and allies around the world; and a president who nominated a candidate for the Supreme Court who clearly does not have the temperament necessary to rule in an unbiased manner.

When do Senate Republicans stop voting in “lock-step” with McConnell and start voting for the people in our precious United States of America?

Tena Graber

Hilton Head Island

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