Letters to the Editor

Parody shows why vote matters

Once upon a time there was a prince who looked good and spoke good but was no good. The nasty media loved him.

His want-to-be successor was also no good, so the good people said no. She did not know how to use a computer and she thought that a server was someone who brought her tea! But she was loved by the appalling broadcasters.

A new prince was elected by the people who said, “I will make the country good again,” but the vexed people and the inhabitants of far off la-la-land hated him.

So, they made up a plan to banish the new prince. They accused him of being friendly with an evil prince from a far-off land. But the new prince just continued to make the land great again, and the good people loved him.

Now, as is the custom, the people have to vote for the servants of the country, called congress “persons.” This will happen soon. The bad people who don’t like the new prince say horrid fibs to turn the good people to the dark side.

A long, long time ago an old prince once said: “Now we are engaged in a great civil war ... testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated ... can long endure ...”

The wise people want the country to long endure. That is why good sense is needed on Nov. 6.

Christopher D. Clayton

Hilton Head Island

‘Medicare for All’ does not add up

Election day is almost upon us and though I rarely comment on matters that are not local, I thought that the cost of “Medicare for All” would be interesting.

There are about 130 million Americans with full-time jobs. Only 55 percent pay federal income taxes. That means that about 72 million taxpayers will be paying for this benefit.

The estimated cost of “Medicare for All” is $3.2 trillion per year. A little math reveals that each taxpayer will be paying $44,444 in increased federal income taxes. Medicare only covers 80 percent of the costs, so an additional $8,888 per taxpayer will need to be added for total coverage. So for a mere $53,333 per worker, per year in added taxation, we can have this benefit. That’s $9,846 for every (documented) man, woman and child living in the U.S.A.

Since the Democrats also want to abolish ICE, some additional costs will be incurred by the flooding of our nation with under-educated, illegal Central Americans seeking freedom, opportunity and health care.

I’ll be voting in November.

Peter F. Zych

Hilton Head Island

Do not remain silent on abuse

Finally, the acrimonious Supreme Court nomination is settled. As a father of two lovely daughters and grandfather of four lovely granddaughters, I sincerely hope you will not remain silent to injustice of harassment, abuse or assault.

It should be no shame on you and is your Constitutional right to protect yourself. Get help/advice to report the crime. You are loved!

Leonard Allen

St. Helena Island

What standard for Daufuskie?

So the residents of Daufuskie Island don’t like law enforcement during the off season, but they demand law enforcement during the tourist season? Locals can break the law, as long as they are a local? What standard are they following?

Dan Nihiser

Hilton Head Island

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