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Despite irresponsible reporting, coal-fired power remains crucial to cost of electricity

I support President Donald Trump’s proposal to overhaul the EPA rules on coal plants. I am referring to your recent AP article: “EPA: New coal pollution rules will boost emissions.”

This is misleading. It’s certainly biased against affordable power generation.

One line in the first paragraph: “The Trump administration on Tuesday moved to prop up the declining coal industry with an overhaul of the Obama-era pollution rules, acknowledging that the increased emissions from aging coal-fired plants could kill hundreds more people annually and cost the country billions of dollars.”

Readers should be aware that most of the affordable electricity that we receive is generated by Santee Cooper’s clean coal plants. Yes, I refer to them as clean because 99.9 percent of the harmful emissions are removed. Overall in South Carolina, about 25 percent of the state’s electricity is generated by coal, 56 percent by nuclear and 18 percent from natural gas. A portfolio of all fuels is required to maintain reasonably-cost electricity.

Coal is very important for all countries of the world, including America. The AP article referenced above, states: “Increased emissions from coal plants could kill hundreds of people.”

This is irresponsible. Clean coal plants lift people from poverty and improve the quality of life.

Carbon dioxide does not kill people, and coal plants produce some of the lowest-cost electricity possible.

Richard F. “Dick” Storm

Hilton Head Island

Demand more from candidates than bad-mouthing

With elections coming up fast, we have to ask potential candidates what they favor.

Do they want offshore drilling for oil? Can they have great health care in the state? Are they happy with education in the state, and salaries of teachers? Do they want nuclear power plants around the state?

To me, these are more important issues then bad-mouthing your opponent, or saying that your particular party is the best.

There would be no sense in electing an official who wants a status quo in the state. We rank below the states in certain fields and I would like to hear some answers. They will promise us jobs and financial gains and support of their party and all the things we’ve heard before. Or will they hear the people for a change?

Do any of us remember voting on whether to extend an airport runway, or purchase a new park? They just do what they want and not answer to anyone. You can justify anything you want. When you go to court, there is an expert witness who says this is how it should be, then another expert comes up and says no. So, we all have to ask ourselves truthfully: Are you a Republican, Democrat or an American? Lose your ego.

Larry Mianowski

Hilton Head Island

Does this sound like Hilton Head?

The following is a quote from “A Flash Of Green” by John D. MacDonald. (The town is trying to keep their coastal town a paradise.)

“... Once upon a time there was a mountain peak with a wonderful view, so that people came from all over to stand on top of the mountain and look out. The village at the foot of the mountain charged a dollar a head to all tourists. But so few of them could stand on top of the mountain at the same time, they leveled the top of the mountain to provide more room and increase the take. This seemed to work, so they kept enlarging the area on top of the mountain. Finally they had a place up there that would accommodate ten thousand people, but by they the mountain was only forty feet high, and suddenly everybody stopped coming to see the view. This convinced them people were tired of views, so in the name of Progress and a Tourist Economy, they turned the flattened mountain into a carnival area, and every night you could see the lights and hear the music for miles around. They still attracted customers, but it was the kind of people who like carnivals instead of the kind of people who like beauty.”

(Sounds like Hilton Head?!)

Jacqueline Z. Houck

Hilton Head Island

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