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With Trump, this is not the American way

Wake up, America. Pay attention. Our current president is a paranoid, narcissistic, destructive bully who is daily damaging our country.

Consider Peter Strzok. He served our country working in the FBI, and he appears to have done so both skillfully and ethically. During a Congressional hearing earlier this year concerning Strzok’s private email expressing his distaste for Donald Trump, Strzok was the target of a lot of bombastic rhetoric, but there was no evidence of his having done anything wrong.

He hadn’t harmed the country, misused his authority, or interfered with the electoral process. Nonetheless, primarily because of the president’s intolerance for anyone who isn’t a Trump-loyalist, Strzok has been fired.

That’s right. He lost his job because he expressed his dislike for Trump in a private email. Because he didn’t kneel and kiss the Donald’s ring, he lost his career and the country lost his expertise and service.

In the same vein, former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance has been revoked. Like Strzok, Brennan’s only error has been exercising his freedom of speech – having independent critical thoughts and expressing them.

Now Trump is anticipating additional baseless revocations that will likely make mid-career national security professionals feel threatened and have a chilling effect on honest, fact-driven dialogue. And besides offering another example of the president’s inappropriate use of his power, this will diminish our nation’s security.

Do you really want a mean-spirited, less American, less secure, personality-cult state?

I don’t.

Bill Newby

Hilton Head Island

Hey, Democrats. Voters will support liberal positions

In most of the United States we have not had an opportunity to elect liberal candidates since the 1960s. Although most current candidates are only slightly left of center, they can be nudged and get in line with the majority of voters, based on polls.

The hesitancy of Democrats to take bonafide liberal positions is annoying, especially given that on most social issues, voters support liberal positions. Instead, they go Republican-light, trying to win moderate conservatives.

Unfortunately, given the choice between a conservative Republican and a Democrat going to the middle, voters elect the actual Republican. Democrats need to stake their claim to liberal policies and campaign on them if they want to win. Coming half way is a losing direction.

Three examples:

Health care: Critical for all Americans. Medicare for all is the answer, not some loose “we will inch our way there.” It will never happen. Obama made that mistake and missed the opportunity. Now is the time to push.

Gun laws: The vast majority of Americans support restrictions on gun ownership, especially large clips and rapid-firing guns. The Second Amendment was to arm a well-regulated militia, not every citizen. The state National Guards are the militias, not some character in the mountains or city streets.

Voting rights: Everyone registered at age 18 or as soon as they attain citizenship. No restrictions, no roadblocks to suppress voters who do not vote Republican.

There are numerous other liberal positions on worker, women, minority rights and more.

Richard Hammes

Hilton Head

Why gun control cannot work

Crimes, including murders and robberies, are usually committed by people with guns. No one disputes this fact. If we didn’t have guns, we would probably use blunt instruments.

Some wonder why we don’t restrict the sale or use of guns. We already have such laws. Aren’t we aware that these inanimate instruments are prolific throughout our nation – by the millions. Restricting the sale has practically nothing to do with curtailing murders or crimes. Almost anyone can purchase or steal a weapon for any use.

The basic problem is insoluble as long as we have people in our population who have evil intent. Anyone can obtain a gun whether he or she buys it legally or steals it. Most people already have them – even unregistered.

Bottom line: There is nothing we can do about either controlling guns or curtailing crimes done with guns. Perhaps we could be much more aware of the personality traits of those who might be prone to use them on others or themselves.

Bill Tanner


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