Letters to the Editor

How many red flags were needed before Hilton Head shooting?

Well, now I have to say I feel assured if I find myself fearing for my safety due to threats by an ex that all the proper sources from the police, community crisis response, Crime Stoppers and the Department of Mental Health will be there to protect me – that is, until the inevitable would still take place.

Just how many red flags were needed in the Gaston Perez/Jennifer Rudemyer incident from Aug. 12 to Aug. 28 to have prevented this inevitable ending of a person lucky to be alive and the other dead?

Hopefully, this is a wake-up call to all these agencies to reevaluate their guidelines when the type of advance information they were given in this case could possibly have had a better outcome.

Diane Foglia LaFleur


Actually, Leonard Pitts, Trump is earning a positive eulogy

I want to respond to Leonard Pitts’ recent opinion piece. President Donald Trump is writing a very positive eulogy by delivering on his 2016 campaign promises. He was elected to shake up the political establishment so policies could be implemented that would make America great again.

Pitts is measuring one’s greatness based on the opinions of “royalty from the worlds of politicians, sports and entertainment.” What about the opinions of the American voters who want America to be great again?

Americans wanted to see the economy thrive so we could afford to rebuild our military. They wanted more job opportunities that would drive higher compensation and benefits. A growing economy provides business opportunities to grow, make more profits, and increase the value of their investment. Pension funds, 401(k)s, philanthropic institutions all benefit. Trump has delivered this in 1 ½ years.

And he is on the path to delivering fair trade agreements that will add to economic growth, economic security, and additional employment opportunities. Accomplishments for the American people will drive Trump’s eulogy, not the opinions of royalty. Ex-presidents won’t speak for him since his accomplishments have dwarfed what they did.

Sen. John McCain was a phenomenal war hero and patriot with a good heart, and no doubt a great family man. Pitts recalled his lapses in judgment and the unworthy moments, then brushed them aside by writing “in death, all is forgiven.” Why wouldn’t that apply to President Trump, given his accomplishments?

Pete Shaw

Callawassie Island

The ‘Last Deal’: Trump goes away

We’ve had the New Deal, the Fair Deal – now, President Trump, it’s in your power to make history with the greatest deal of all, the Last Deal.

At this point all we want is to get rid of you and your whole awful family and all the hangers on. Forget punishment, impeachment, jail, forget any more humiliation. Just pick up and go. Allow the restoration of dignity in this great country to commence.

Pardon everyone you need to, Mr. Trump, including yourself. We won’t object. The state crimes that you can’t pardon we will forgive too. Everything. Just go so we can forget these awful years and your awful tenure.

We do not consider this especially forgiving or kind, except to the people of the country. Even though you seem incapable of shame, we imagine deep down it will hurt you more than anything else, even jail time. And we are sorry about that. You are not worth hurting.

You have experience with bankruptcies and have been able to justify them as personal triumphs. So consider it just a great big Atlantic City. The hugest-ever bankruptcy. Think of it.

You of course need to and will take complete credit for this act and say it is the first time in history that a president voluntarily resigned for the sake of the country. That’s OK, too.

But go now, Mr. Trump. Declare a blanket pardon and make a triumphant exit. We will cheer you on your way, most sincerely and enthusiastically.

John Roberts

Port Royal

What’s the delay on Bluffton dog park?

What is missing from the apparently completed Bluffton dog park that has prevented its dedication?

John McGoldrick


Cover the Democratic nominees

I would love to see coverage and details about Democratic nominees in the Island Packet.

Bev O’Brien

Hilton Head Island