Letters to the Editor

Letter: Good neighbors become great neighbors

On the Friday before Hurricane Matthew arrived, I evacuated and returned last Friday, the day after power was restored in our neighborhood. Fortunately, Matthew did not damage my home, but a great deal of debris, including mid-sized tree limbs, covered my yard.

Despite similar situations in their yards, two neighborhood families completely raked and cleaned up my yard, piling the considerable amount of debris next to the street. And another friend and neighbor, who has a key to my home, emptied out my two refrigerator/freezers of smelly, spoiled food, hauled the contents away, cleaned each, and even left baking soda there to help absorb lingering odor. All of this was done unsolicited by me.

I won’t mention my neighbors’ names, but they know who they are and I thank and applaud them all. They are not just good neighbors, they are great neighbors.

Buddy Clark

Lady’s Island