Letters to the Editor

Letter: No, it’s not ‘just a few lost trees’

So, according to one marketing individual from a local resort, “everything is as (it) was, just a few lost trees.” Well, maybe that’s the way it is at her resort, but try telling that to the people on Pineland Road in Hilton Head Plantation who have trees that split their houses.

There are tarps over at least half a dozen roofs on that street alone. I have a tarp over a portion of my roof too, but I was lucky — only one of the six uprooted oaks hit my house and then only on the corner of the garage. Still, I have damage that will require time and money to get back to normal.

I am appalled at the tourist industry on Hilton Head Island right now. All they’re concerned about, it seems, is getting vacationers to come here when what we really need to be doing is pulling together as a community and helping the locals who need help, not be out looking for the almighty dollar.

I understand that the resorts give jobs to people and it takes tourists for those jobs to be available — a very fine line to walk, but we should be walking on the side of what is right, not just what is profitable.

Sunni Bond Winkler

Hilton Head Island