Letters to the Editor

Letter: Hurricane recovery takes team effort

The board at Sailmaster has been busy with hurricane recovery actions, working with contractors and owners to assess our damage and begin the repair process.

We were pleased that Hilton Head Island Town Council member David Ames came out to join the board in a walk-through to view the property damage and give us an update on FEMA’s role and pertinent Town of Hilton Head Island information. The board greatly appreciated David’s supportive and interested efforts.

Also, Sailmaster is fortunate to have established working relations with some very dedicated service companies, including Carolyn’s Landscaping, which cleared debris as a first pass so owners could drive to their villas. Euro construction and Tim McBride have been with us every step of the way, inspecting our villas for damage and covering and patching roofs. Palmetto Electric getting us back with power quickly was greatly appreciated.

The board and owners of Sailmaster are blessed for these efforts. It makes it so much easier to work through this recovery effort.

Anna Aresco Pestritto

Hilton Head Island