Letters to the Editor

Letter: Storm generates many heroes

There are lots of heroes in the wake of Hurricane Mathew. Certainly the first responders, but add the utility workers from here and all over the country, who got us back our power. (I only wish we had workers from all over the country fixing our sewer issues.) But I have to add some of the less obvious groups to that list of heroes:

Certainly WTOC, whose weather people worked around the clock giving us minute by minute updates of the storm. They were awesome. Then there is The Island, 1130 AM and 93.5 FM with Monty Jett and his colleagues. They gave nonstop updates in the aftermath of the hurricane, operating from a tiny generator to stay on the air.

And hooray to Publix. It was fully stocked and in operation before the island officially reopened. They bused in employees to stock all the shelves with new deliveries coming in. What a blessing.

I have to praise the folks at Palmetto Dunes who swiftly got on top of the cleanup, and particularly those the staff at the town fire station by Palmetto Dunes. They circulated through neighborhoods, making many streets passable before the big equipment came in, and checked to see if residents needed food or water. That’s who they are. That’s what they do. Marvelous. Thank you.

Lastly, thanks to Steve Riley, our town manager, who stuck around and helped organize the recovery.

Thank you all.

Len Camarda

Hilton Head Island