Letters to the Editor

Letter: Some need help with food

I would like to first thank state Sen. Tom Davis for all he has done for Hilton Head Island during this disturbing time.

And, secondly, I would like to put a word of thanks to David Martin, the owner/operator of the Piggly Wiggly in Coligny Plaza, for helping so many of my neighbors with free groceries.

Now I would like to thank the restaurants who participated in free food, i.e., Poseidon Coastal Cuisine.

And now I would like to make a plea for the neighbors in the Cordillo area who usually rely on lunches and food from the churches in this area. These churches were not able to assist with food and toiletries for a while due to storm damage. Maybe there are some people available to assist those in need. Some churches are serving food in the next couple weeks, i.e. Resurrection Christian Community Church. But they are too far away. If some neighbors have an idea to help in the Cordillo area by putting together a picnic meal for this area, it would be appreciated and necessary.

Rev. Dr. Cheryl Meneely

Hilton Head Island