Letters to the Editor

Letter: Tom Davis helps with tax deadline

Kudos to Sen. Tom Davis. He left no stone unturned in working hard to provide various forms of relief to the citizens of Beaufort County.

Despite an inordinately busy schedule in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, Sen. Davis, in addition to coming to Hilton Head Island to see firsthand what assistance the town might need, found time to put immediate pressure on the Internal Revenue Service and the S.C. Department of Revenue to provide relief to taxpayers who were up against an Oct. 17, filing deadline.

While the IRS quickly granted relief to counties declared to be federal disaster areas in North Carolina, no such relief was announced for the counties in South Carolina that were impacted by the storm. Sen. Davis made direct contact with federal and state officials and, on Oct. 14, the SCDOR granted relief similar to the relief granted in North Carolina with word that the IRS was right behind.

With the pressure of tax deadlines temporarily removed, we can work on the recovery of our homes and businesses and that of our friends and neighbors. Thanks, Tom.

Bob Arundell

Hilton Head Island