Letters to the Editor

Letter: Thank you to the utilities

I returned home, traveling through areas on Interstate 95, Bluffton and Hilton Head Island that some have called apocalyptic. I had stayed in touch with family, neighbors and many residents to understand the scope of damage prior to returning home. I appreciate all of their efforts to provide us an endless supply of information and updates.

With this said, I also want to applaud the efforts of our public utility companies and public safety and law enforcement employees.

I spoke with individuals at Palmetto Electric, outside of their “normal” business hours, who assured me that we would have power for our return. Who would think that within one week of the storm, that (almost) everyone had water, sewer and electricity when immediately following the storm, 95 percent of the island residents and businesses were without.

Employees of these companies, and those who came in from outside of our area, have given of themselves tirelessly and selflessly, and they deserve a huge “thank you.”

Bill Sauter

Hilton Head Island