Letters to the Editor

Letter: Hilton Head mayor should resign

Isn’t it grand that Hilton Head Island Mayor David Bennett finally returned to Hilton Head do his victory laps for his role in protecting our community during Hurricane Matthew?

Our real heroes are Town Manager Steve Riley, emergency management, power and water company personnel, Sheriff P.J. Tanner and his officers, Hilton Head Plantation Property Owners Association director Peter Kristian, and countless other dedicated islanders who took their responsibilities seriously enough to stay in the trenches to keep our citizens out of harm’s way.

And had it not been for The Island Packet, we would have been completely in the dark.

Perhaps the silver lining is that instead of focusing on grandiose ideas like an expensive cultural center and annexing an island for a new resort, we can expend those funds where they serve us the best: on desperately-needed repairs to our infrastructure, sewers and roads. We need to bring our island back to maintain its status as one of the top 10 vacation resorts in the country.

Our mayor should resign and turn over the reins to someone who puts his duties ahead of his own comfort; someone who does not exhibit the Peter Principle; someone who has not reached his level of incompetence.

Art Cornell

Hilton Head Island