Letters to the Editor

Letter: The deceit of endless money

As “we the people” get ready for another election, many of us will face the possibility of accepting a continued torrent of senseless and unethical presidential proclamations, all generated by an unfortunate election result.

Most disturbing could be a re-definition of the United States of America into the United States of the World: a place where the more disenfranchised you are, the more you get.

Traditional American workers will no longer be recognized as owners of the dream, but as depositors of the gold needed to nurture the list of irresponsible promises. All that we own will be shared with an uninhibited president. Hopefully, she will only want “her fair share.”

Too many will realize, after the election, what lies and deceitfulness have done to the homeland. From a county known for its unlimited potential and for rewarding those daring enough to go for it, the fountain of democracy will have generated into a cesspool of unimaginable consequences.

Why? Because the truth was too difficult to unravel. It cost too much brain power to cut through the baloney and realize that an unprincipled candidate, along with the current president, was promulgating the myth that: “Government can spend money at no one’s expense”.

The tragedy is not in the smoke and mirrors, but in the fact that so many, including the media, wanted to believe, and still do, that the music goes on forever.

Too bad. By voting recklessly, we locked ourselves in for decades of disillusionment.

Clifton Jester