Letters to the Editor

Letter: America needs independents

This tumultuous presidential election year, where America’s voters must decide between the lesser of two evils, actually is a microcosm, paling in comparison to our ineffective, polarized parties in Washington.

GovTrack.us states that the last two congressional terms produced the fewest enacted laws in recent history. Sadly, party leaders are not in tune with their own voter base in recognizing the important issues and satisfactorily handling them. A recent Gallop Poll found 60 percent of U.S. adults want an alternative to a two-party system. Greg Orman, in his book, “A Declaration of Independents,” points out that 70 percent of voters say our country is headed in the wrong direction while 76 percent don’t trust the government.

He argues that a third force is necessary to challenge Republican-Democrat “duolopy” that sustains a status quo of laws, regulations, subsidies and loopholes paid for by special interests.” Finally, he passionately states that, “it’s time for disillusioned Americans to form a robust, independent movement.”

The depth of this challenge means we must look beyond the present embarrassing presidential election and political dilemma, testing our resolve to return our party system to one of addressing issues with honesty, integrity, compromise and, most of all, progress.

A start is to support new candidates at all levels of national, state and local office who reflect our position as independent-thinking voters, including their specific points of view on term limits, earmarks, super PACs, lobbyists and special-interest groups.

We will deserve what we get.

Earl Everett

Moss Creek