Letters to the Editor

Letter: Sea Pines a lifeline to residents

Kudos to the Sea Pines Community Services Associates for its constant communication to the homeowners before, during and after Hurricane Matthew.

Immediately following the storm, we began receiving emails several times each day with updates. As soon as residents were able to return to Hilton Head Island, CSA posted a full alphabetical listing of streets — which were cleared, which were blocked, right down to the house numbers where trees made them impassable. Its website was updated as often as several times an hour, letting everyone know which streets had been cleared. Of course, safety was a top priority in each message. The notifications are continuing regarding debris, food and other trash removal, water, power, etc.

My husband and I have been extremely impressed as we know there have been no other hurricanes on Hilton Head during our lifetime and practice drills and written procedures don’t always prepare us for the real-life situations.

As part-time residents, currently 700 miles away, CSA (and The Island Packet) have been our window and lifeline to our little bit of paradise.

Bless you.

Diana Bosse

Hilton Head Island