Letters to the Editor

Letter: My heart aches for America

I voted in my first presidential election in 1964. I have voted for Democratic candidates. I have voted for Republican candidates. Sometimes my standard bearer won. Sometimes not. Until the turn of this century, I always walked away from the ballot box feeling that the country would survive no matter the winner. My feelings were anchored in a belief that our Constitution would stand intact, guarded by both political parties. I have no such feelings of security this year.

The Democratic candidate is loathed by a goodly portion of the citizenry. They think she is dishonest regardless of evidence. She is hated by people because she is a woman, she is a liberal, she kowtows to no man, she recognizes the reality of man-made climate change, she is more intelligent than some men, she has big thighs, a broad beam, hard-to-manage hair, has a philanderer for a husband, and she is generally “uppity.”

The Republican candidate is revered by these same citizens because “he speaks his mind,” is a racist, a bigot, a misogynist, a narcissist, a tax-dodging “really good” businessman, blames climate change “theory” on a Chinese plot, is a sociopath, a shallow thinker, a pseudo-conservative and a bully.

The saddest part of our predicament is that Americans don’t like Americans anymore. Unless you are my skin color, of my religion, socialize with my kinds of people, think as I do, you are not a valid American.

My heart aches and I fear for us.

Bernie Ragsdale

Lady’s Island