Letters to the Editor

Letter: We must get rid of the insiders

The Founding Fathers of our nation formed an almost perfect union that took 232 years to begin to crack at the foundation.

When rule of law is disregarded in favor of power, the basic principle blind justice is overlooked. When the Justice Department and FBI are controlled by the White House and their feet held to the fire to produce an outcome suitable for political reasons only that can mean we are becoming a Tin Pot democracy.

The State Department is also a party to this mess. It loses or erases documents pertaining to investigations involving the former Secretary of State and has reported that all emails regarding the Greek financial disaster were lost. The former Secretary’s son-in-law lost a fortune in trading Greek bonds and the connection will never be revealed.

The Clinton Foundations have never had a forensic audit in 25 years. If allowed, it will show the tentictles spreading all over the world, influencing important decisions and enriching themselves.

The many conflicts of interest and immunity given only shows a lack of respect and insult to our intelligence to the everyday people who must adhere to the law. We are heading down a dangerous path that can only lead to disaster if these miscarriages of justice are allowed to go unpunished.

This election is the most important one in our history, if the status quo is voted in we may never survive as a Republic. I wish we had stronger candidates to choose from, but we still must vote for change and get rid of the insiders who only wish to enrich themselves.

Joe Ondo

Hilton Head Island