Letters to the Editor

Letter: Media dividing more than helping

You recently headlined an AP article on our nation’s division on the flag, anthem and other symbols (i.e. patriotism), which made me question whether this emphasis on repeating national news was really helping our community. I was further discouraged by the Opinion section lead editorial called “Rants and Raves on Georgia’s ‘sexiest school teacher.’ ” These are demonstrations that both our national and local media overemphasize our growing differences and individualism instead of helping us to move forward together.

I believe that our community and its many organizations have made progress in reducing our inequalities and including our minorities; however I’m not sure. Objective media reporting on how we compare with other communities would help us determine our priorities and problems to focus on.

I think most of us, including us seniors, agree that improving our local public and private schools is the most important contribution that we collectively can make for the future. I read the Packet daily, but don’t find enough reporting on the status, progress and needs of our schools from preschool to USCB and TCL.

I value the newspaper as vital to our community’s progress, but I believe a greater priority should be given to local news that helps us work together. I urge you to follow your excellent recent reporting on our low-cost housing issue with follow-up reporting to help us keep focusing on this need and possible solutions.

Walt Schymik

Hilton Head Island