Letters to the Editor

Letter: Case for Snowden pardon

Your Washington Post editorial, “What ‘higher cause’?” urged no pardon for Edward Snowden.

I must begin by saying the editorial reeks with government favoritism.

It says Snowden, an American, enabled the American people to learn for the first time that the NSA was collecting domestic telephone “metadata” — information about the time of a call and the parties to it, but not the content — en masse, with no case-by-case court approval.

Consider, “but not the content.” Is the Post so naive to think that a wrongdoer succeeding in locating a pocket would not in time pick its contents?

The Post goes on to say that Congress and President Obama eventually responded with corrective legislation. I ask the Post, if a wrongdoer was exposed in your organization would you be satisfied with a corrective memo?

As an admirer of Snowden, I can only say it took courage to expose wrongdoers in government.

Robert Pielli

Hilton Head Island