Letters to the Editor

Letter: Lady’s Island needs help

Here we are today after two recent meetings about the traffic congestion created by the City of Beaufort’s annexation on Lady’s Island and “we are going to do a traffic study.”

This is something that should have been completed 15 months ago and what do we get but an explanation of what a traffic study will look at. No immediate suggestions for some type of temporary relief, but here is what a traffic study looks like.

This is the same city that has discussed a downtown parking facility for at least 15 years yet could not come up with a structure. This is the same city that is spending $32.5 million on the Boundary Street project, which covers only a mile and a half of roadway.

Wow! Was this really a wise expenditure? This represents over $2,000 per resident of Beaufort proper.

Keep in mind the Lady’s Island annexations have been very careful not to include voting residents as they might then be able to elect a representative on the City Council to protect their interests.

Unfortunately, the City Council of Beaufort thinks they know what is best for the residents of Lady’s Island.

In the meantime, where is our state representative’s help for Lady’s Island traffic? Hopefully, the coming elections will help with resolving some of the Lady’s Island issues.

Robert Kiessling