Letters to the Editor

Letter: Is this the new GOP?

The Grand Old Party isn’t feeling so grand anymore. Increasing numbers of establishment Republicans, many of whom have served in leadership positions in government, are disavowing Donald Trump, faster than the Hindenburg bursting into flames.

The conservative Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg News have rebuked him as dangerously incompetent. The National Review devoted an entire issue to dumping Trump.

For many, it’s Trump’s level of bigotry and implied threats of violence that make him a “bridge too far.” Trump rallies have displayed placards of President Obama depicted as a gorilla, and Confederate flags as a reminder that “black lives don’t matter.”

Trump and the tea party wing of the GOP are the “perfect storm” of arrogance and ignorance, packaged in conspiracy theories encouraged by Fox News.

His authoritarian demagoguery has caught the attention of the lunatic fringe “alt-right.” Alt-right is an umbrella organizational outlet providing voice to white nationalists, the Ku Klux Klan, Stormfront, and others.

They preach neo-Nazism, anti-Semitism, fascism, and race war as solutions to preserve white supremacy. Such people don’t read books, they burn them. Steven Bannon, the recent campaign CEO for Trump, was hired from the alt-right.

They heap praise on Trump, believing they share the same vision. He’s their ticket to become mainstream and have a place at the table. They aren’t coming for dinner. They are coming with the intent to burn down the house and Trump is their “useful idiot” handing them the matches.

He would return us to 1939 Germany.

Dru Clements