Letters to the Editor

Letter: Report on the real issues

I read one of your letters written by a lady who complained about all the Donald Trump bashing and propaganda in your newspaper. I am tired of all the e-mail stuff and “pay for play” charges relating to the Clinton Foundation. So you have two dissatisfied readers.

Perhaps now that we’re past Labor Day and campaigns really get started, you can start reporting about the things Americans care about — jobs, the economy, the need to grow incomes for 99 percent of Americans, getting money out of politics, protecting and sustaining Social Security and Medicare, a far simpler tax system with no loopholes for special interests, universal healthcare with strict cost controls and quality outcomes, reasonable drug prices, etc.

Most importantly, we need Congress to get to work to break the logjam and legislate. Things like the Zika virus can and should be solved by our government but it requires resources. In a few weeks the folks from Louisiana will need more help when FEMA funds run out.

Hopefully, character assassinations are behind us and all who wish to exercise their right to vote will do so. It is shameful that only 60 percent vote and that’s a good turnout.

Dick Briggs

Fripp Island