Letters to the Editor

Letter: Hilton Head needs new arts center

I am writing in support of the proposed performing arts center on Hilton Head Island.

Despite what the dissenters are saying regarding destroying the “feeling” of this island, I think it would be an enhancement.

Many of us have retired here because of the natural beauty and none of us want to destroy that, but the performing arts center would bring in a new beauty. The proposed center would be well designed and the programs presented there would add to the quality of our lives here.

A performing arts center would bring in new opportunities for other performing arts and cultural activities in addition to the Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra. And, as a consequence, it would be an economic boost to the town tax base.

We need a facility that can accommodate the larger groups on the island, which are established and are growing. A center with hopefully 1,500 seats would allow this. It seems a shame to limit symphony membership because the venue can no longer seat all of those who wish to attend.

I urge our town policy makers to support the arts center and the opportunities it would provide our community.

Margaret McManus

Hilton Head Island