Letters to the Editor

Letter: Deal with the reality that teachers face

That farmer who died with 17 horses also had two coins that added up to $.55. One of the coins wasn’t a nickel. What are the two coins?

A recent editorial asked us to imagine alternatives to dealing with disruptive student behaviors. It is a luxury for those of us who were not present to second guess the actions of others. That is the difference between reality and those who tell us to imagine. The school resource officer who was deemed to have used excessive force may have utilized a different technique. I wasn’t there so I don’t know all the circumstances. That’s not a justification but an observation.

We have lowered behavioral standards to the least common denominator. We teach our children that lying is OK, that authority is to be mocked, that “affluenza” can be used for an excuse to get away with manslaughter, that rules are for others and that driving over the speed limit is acceptable.

“Imagine” is a luxury a teacher or resource officer doesn’t have. Classrooms are for learning; if you don’t like the rules, don’t come to class and accept the consequences. But if you come to class, come prepared to learn and demonstrate appropriate student-teacher decorum.

“Imagine” is a song, reality is what teachers face every day.

The other coin is a nickel. Moral: That is exactly what “imagine” may be worth when teachers or other school personnel are faced with a disorderly situation that disrupts those who came prepared to learn.

Peter Kristian

Hilton Head Island