Rants & Raves: Beaufort County school board speaking rules

On the Beaufort County Board of Education electing a new chairwoman and strictly enforcing rules regarding public comments at meetings:

In other shocking news, more elected officials state they don't care about voters' opinions! Shocking -- but not really -- this is a Beaufort County issue, it's not specific to the school board. Michelle Knapp

CARE (Citizens About Responsible Education) plans to keep up the fight for transparency and accountability. The school board cannot muzzle us. Write letters to the editor and continue to speak out. Our long-term goal is to elect new board members who have courage and common sense. It's the only way we can effect change. Rich Bisi

It's almost like they forgot the voters are going to fire them in the next election. Alex Zarra

People of the Beaufort County School District need to wake up and realize that the reason why many "new" teachers, staff, educators leave is because there is a clan of folks that work for this district and they control everything and only listen to one side of the story. Christopher Perry

How very Gestapo of them. Danny Caudy

Nothing new, it's the same people. Fran Ciavolino

Seems as if (new chairwoman Mary) Cordray is as guilty of the "my way or the highway" frame of mind she accuses the public of. We have seen your side of the situation and we didn't like it. Sheri Brown

Welcome to the USA of dictatorship. The way our government works -- should this surprise us?? Just change the facts to suit the outcome. What a shame. Bonnie Phillips

Well, welcome to the dictatorship. Ric Snow

I said earlier they'd get away with it. It seems they have. Bruce Updyke

When government finds a way to shut the people up, it is time to shut the government down. They work for the people. Edward Sueta

Polite and respectful is not difficult. Disagreement can be handled with dignity. Polite discourse, unfortunately, doesn't generate headlines. It does, however, create an environment where problems are discussed openly and solutions are created through thoughtful debate among all participants. It's a bit sad that these rules need to be enforced. Michel Chella Claudio

The most disrespectful thing you see at school board meetings are the board members themselves. Chris Short

Time to elect new school board members! This angers me so much -- watch out Mary Cordray, I live in your school board district and I will be running against you in 2017. You do not represent your district well and many parents who have students in school are disgusted with your performance as a Beaufort County school board member. Kris Kronlein

So she is enforcing existing rules and people are upset by that? Amazing. TomDiane Vande Burgt

Definitely time for some changes. Not sure why elected officials do not respect the public's opinions. I know they can't make all happy but come on, respect the taxpayers, parents, students and the community that put you where you are today. Jane Cordell Harmon