Incumbents best choice in Bluffton Town Council election Tuesday

Incumbents Fred Hamilton and Larry Toomer are our recommendations for Tuesday’s Bluffton Town Council election.

Promenade business owner Ted Huffman, who previously served a term on council, is challenging the status quo as three people seek two open seats for a four-year term. A lot can be said for that voice, and he certainly knows well the issues and players.

But the incumbents bring experience, as well as key factors important to Bluffton.

Toomer is both a business owner in town and a commercial fisherman. His dogged pursuit of seeing that the May River is not ruined by the glut of Bluffton development is crucial. He was fighting for the river long before being elected to Town Council four years ago, and he has used his new platform wisely.

Hamilton is best known as an advocate for affordable housing, a growing problem for Bluffton and the full county. The town should not be in the development business, but it must find new ways to address the issue. Hamilton is on top of other issues as well, and we think it is vital for Town Council to have the voice that Hamilton brings as an African American native of the town.