Which Hilton Head neighborhoods are allowing re-entry? Here’s what to expect if you try to get home

Hilton Head Island locals weigh in on returning to island

Four days after Hurricane Matthew, Oct. 11, residents of Hilton Head Island warn against returning too soon in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.
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Four days after Hurricane Matthew, Oct. 11, residents of Hilton Head Island warn against returning too soon in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

Though Hilton Head Island Mayor David Bennett announced that re-entry onto the island would be allowed for evacuees beginning at 3 p.m. Tuesday, many gated communities are encouraging residents to wait to return.

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Here is what to expect if you try to return to Hilton Head today.

We are updating this list as we hear back from each neighborhood.

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Sea Pines

Will we be allowed in?: Yes, but residents are strongly encouraged to wait

Conditions: At least 57 secondary roads will be blocked off from traffic Tuesday because they are impassable from downed trees and removal crews will be working to clear them. There is still no power in most of the neighborhood and a boil-water advisory is in effect.

Hilton Head Plantation

Will we be allowed in?: Yes, but the POA would prefer residents to wait till tomorrow afternoon as conditions are very dangerous still

Conditions: Not all roads are cleared yet. Many secondary roads still blocked. There are large trees leaning and large limbs hanging in the tree canopy. Sewer line and water line breaks are inaccessible. No phone or Internet access. Some parts of the neighborhood have power. There is low water pressure and a boil-water advisory is in effect.

Palmetto Hall

Will we be allowed in?: Yes, but the POA is strongly encouraging residents not to return today

Conditions: There are still roads that are not passable, including main roads. Trees are still blocking the gate and there’s barely passage beyond it. A boil-water advisory is in effect.


Will we be allowed in?: Yes, but you might not have access to your home. POA recommends waiting until Wednesday or Thursday to return.

Conditions: There are two contractors on the property clearing roads and debris, but some areas are still not passable. There is no fuel, very limited access to food, and some areas in Shipyard still do not have power or water. The Welcome Center is open today (843-785-3310, ext. 221) until 4 pm.

Port Royal

Will we be allowed in?: Yes, access is restricted to landowners and those authorized by landowners

Conditions: There is still no power or water and sewer. Most roads are open. The remaining blocked roads will be finished today. Security is fully staffed at the gate and on patrol. Administration and security, though, do not have phone or Internet service. Areas that have the worst damage include Barony, Century and lower Scarborough Head. South Port Royal and Scarborough Head still have water in the roads and retention area. Areas along the marsh on Outpost received some flooding. Areas on Barnacle, Conquina, Donax and Ensis, Planters Row and Falcatta experienced flooding. Lots of trees have been uprooted. There were two main water breaks on Coggins Point. This will restrict water until they are repaired. Fort Walker at No. 77 is washed out. This includes a 5-foot by 4-foot by 20-foot opening in the road. If you live on Fort Walker from 79 to 136, Hartfort, Steam Gun or Everglade, you will need to travel down Coggins to North Port Royal to Fort Walker to access your property.

Palmetto Dunes

Will we be allowed in?: Yes, but POA would prefer residents wait another day or two. The community is not safe right now. The return of residential traffic at this time could block or delay emergency vehicles and/or put first responders in harm’'s way.

Conditions: Power has returned, but water and sewer are limited. There are still downed and leaning trees, hanging branches, and other dangerous hazards. There is extensive tree damage in the community. Many roads are still impassible, most main roads have only one usable lane, and numerous dangerous trees remain. The front gate is operational 24/7 and security dispatch is now able to receive phone calls.

Hilton Head Motorcoach Resort

Will we be allowed in?: No

Conditions: Severe damage and safety concerns for residents and workers.

Indigo Run

Will we be allowed in?: Yes, but at your own risk

Conditions: All main roads are clear. Several side roads are blocked in certain areas, but are being cleared now. There are several parts of Indigo Run without power, including Broad Point, the Owners Club and the River Club. Eighty percent of homes have water and sewer service.

Long Cove

Will we be allowed in?:Yes, according to Long Cove Club’s Facebook post at 12:30 p.m., Long Cove “encourages all members to not return to Long Cove unless it is absolutely necessary, until full utilities have been restored.”

Conditions: Long Cove has now cleared access to all community roads, most of this is narrow and single lane to allow contractors and utility company’s access. There are some homes that have trees crossing their driveways and are not accessible at this time. Power and utilities have not been fully restored. Water is not safe to drink without boiling.


Will we be allowed in?: Yes

Conditions: One lane of traffic is open on streets, and that lane remains filled with debris. Residents are urged to drive slowly. Large trees are blocking many of the driveways. In order for cleanup and safe driving, members are asked to to find somewhere to park off of the road (a neighbor’s clear driveway or a lot, for example). Residents are urged to bring bottled water, or boil water for drinking or cooking for 10 minutes. Residents are asked to use water sparingly. There are still many power outages in Wexford, but some residences do have power.

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Four days after Hurricane Matthew, Oct. 11, residents of Hilton Head Island warn against returning too soon in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

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