Storm damage neighborhood by neighborhood

CSA president: Sea Pines re-entry depends on safety, security, services

Bret Martin, Sea Pines Community Services Associates president, explains, on Monday, Oct. 10, 2016, what still needs to be done to get the plantation ready for residents to return after Hurricane Matthew.
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Bret Martin, Sea Pines Community Services Associates president, explains, on Monday, Oct. 10, 2016, what still needs to be done to get the plantation ready for residents to return after Hurricane Matthew.

Here’s what Beaufort County residents are telling us about damage in their communities. Check back often because we’re continually updating the list.

Hilton Head

Coligny area: Two large trees are down in the parking lot of Coligny Plaza and some store signage is down. Coligny Beach Park looks almost entirely intact. The Piggly Wiggly opened at noon Sunday and is still open today.

Reporter Erin Heffernan surveys Hurricane Matthew damage around the Coligny Beach Park area of Hilton Head Island.

Sea Pines: Community is believed to be the hardest hit on the island. Reporter Erin Heffernan assessed the damage Sunday morning and reported downed trees, standing water and debris. Some homes have sustained structural damage, including trees through roofs. Sea Pines officials said Monday morning that even if the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office allows re-entry onto the island on Tuesday, many residents will return to homes that they cannot reach or they cannot enter. Here’s a notice sent to residents Tuesday morning:

Dear Sea Pines Property Owners,

Late last evening the Mayor of Hilton Head determined it was time to lift the evacuation order for the island effective today at 3:00 PM. Recovery efforts are underway in Sea Pines and crews from multiple organizations are working as diligently as possible to ensure Sea Pines is safe for property owner return. Currently there are still hundreds and hundreds of trees down throughout the Sea Pines Community, water and power services are not functional in most areas and there is still localized flooding in select areas of the community. We have discussed this possible decision and the various challenges it presents. Our only interest here is your best interests. I have decided to let you determine that.

Should you choose to renter Sea Pines at or soon after 3:00 today, Tuesday October 11, 2016, know that there are many unsafe areas. We will have many roads closed as they are impassable. At this time there are very few areas with power if any. At my last review there was still a boil order on water. We urge you not to come at this time if you have alternative options. We also recognize that for some of you circumstances may not allow you to stay away. Our focus will be restoring services, including roadway access to your homes.

At this point there will not be any level of service which you have become accustomed. Debris pickup will not be available for some time and may need to drastically change and at least be significantly delayed.

We have a very limited staff, most if not all of them are in the same position that you are in or worse. Many may not be able to return to work for some time. We ask that you be self-sufficient. We ask that you be safe. As we are able to reestablish services we will let you know.

Information will be sent soon regarding restrictions within Sea Pines. These restrictions may change for your safety and the safety of others.

Again we urge you to not return at this time if you have any other alternatives.

Please be safe, patient and courteous.

We will get through this.


Bret Martin


Current Sea Pines Restrictions

Should our property owners choose to renter Sea Pines at or soon after 3:00 today, Tuesday October 11, 2016, know that there are many unsafe areas.

For the safety of our property owners access restrictions have been established for the Sea Pines Community effective Tuesday October 11th, 2016 at 3:00 PM.

These restrictions may change with limited notification as we move forward and conditions change; we will continue to keep you updated.

To enter Sea Pines beginning at 3:00 PM today Oct 11th, 2016: You must have your Sea Pines property owner ID Card, show a driver's license with a Sea Pines address and or be in a vehicle with an approved Sea Pines property owner decal.

The Ocean Gate is currently closed until further notice; you must access Sea Pines through the Greenwood Gate Only.

You are asked to go straight to your property. Do not explore the community as conditions are not safe.

Road restrictions and closures will be in place for the safety of our property owners, we will provide you will road closure information later today and will be updated on an going basis and may change without notification.

The debris recycling facility in Sea Pines is closed until further notice, you or your contractor may not bring debris to this location at this time.

Property owners must keep their landscaping storm debris on their property or remove it from Sea Pines. Dumping in neighborhood debris locations is not permitted at this time if you are caught moving debris from your property to any other location in Sea Pines you will be cited. We hope to update this restriction soon.

Parking in Sea Pines: There is no parking on roadways; you cannot block roadways at any time as emergency vehicles and debris removal services must have access. At this time, there is not road frontage parking in many areas of the Sea Pines community.

CSA will not and cannot remove trees for private property. If you are aware that your home sustained damages from trees/wind/rain you are advised to contact your insurance company and a contractor/ tree removal to inspect these damages. Contractors seeking to enter Sea Pines must be authorized to do so. They must already hold a Sea Pines Contractor Decal or they must call the Sea Pines temporary dispatch line at 843-415-5385 or 843-415-5409 to obtain access permissions.

At this time, we urge you not to come into Sea Pines, if you have alternatives of any kind please utilize those.


Boil Water Advisory from South Island Public Service District

South Island Public Service District advises the residents of our district in Hilton Head, Beaufort County, to vigorously boil their water for at least one (1) full minute prior to cooking or drinking it.

We are issuing this advisory as a precautionary measure due to the possible damages from Hurricane Matthew. Residents should continue to vigorously boil their water for at least one (1) full minute prior to drinking or cooking until otherwise notified by South Island Public Service District. Also any ice made from water which has not been boiled should not be used for drinking purposes.

South Island Public Service District is presently working to ensure water quality. South Island P.S.D. will provide further updates as our status changes.

Should you have any questions please contact South Island PSD at



CSA Communication Channels

Mass email via this constant contact email system

Our website at

Our facebook page at

The CSA hurricane hotline at 1-866-671-3822

CSA will continue to keep you updated as new information is received and as our team progresses through the community.

Stay safe!

Palmetto Dunes:Report Rebecca Lurye assessed the damage Sunday morning and reported that large trees are down on the road and in parking lots of resorts in neighborhoods throughout the plantation. Employees at the Marriott resort and spa and Omni declined to comment on the storms impact, but no structure damage was visible from the road or beach. At least one residential building on the beach was damaged. One corner of roof at captains walk, next to the Disney beach house, was torn away. Numerous streets were inaccessible Sunday afternoon because trees had not been cleared.

From reader Kit Putnam: My parents stayed on Long Boat in Palmetto Dunes and that area looks pretty good compared to the rest of Hilton Head. There are downed trees everywhere so they can't drive anywhere to explore but they've done a little exploring on foot but apparently it's quite an obstacle course. Trees on the ground and swampy ground everywhere. Long Boat had a few inches of standing water but the houses didn't seem to have any water up against them by the time the sun rose on Saturday morning. They still don't have power in that area but the water service was restored midday yesterday which I thought was totally remarkable (hats off to all the guys working so hard to restore the town back to parents said they've been amazing!). The far end of Mooring Buoy has the worst flooding they've seen in PD so far (where the road bends near Night Heron). They walked about halfway up Port Tack. It's very swampy, with a lot of downed trees. Some of the trees have fallen onto roofs but they didn't see any alarming damage. They are biking to south beach right now. I will send another email with an update on that area as soon as I hear anything.

Putnam wrote later: My brother and father biked on the beach from Palmetto Dunes to South Beach. It's not nearly as bad there as they expected. The dunes are totally gone (they are gone in Palmetto Dunes too) but the ground near Sound Villas (across the street from the marina) is dry and relatively debris-free, all things considered. The ocean clearly hit the complex but their unit was bone dry inside (which is shocking considering it's waterfront and sits right on the ground). I'm hoping they have more information on other parts of South Beach but I lost communication with them. I'll update if I get more.

Port Royal Plantation: Lurye reported that Coggins Point Road is blocked less than halfway through.The arboretum on Fort Walker Drive has several trees down at its entrance and is completely blocked off. The home across from the arboretum still had standing water nearly level with the road as of midday Sunday.Further down the street, at 77 Fort Walker Drive, The road has fallen through over a small creek that overflowed during the storm. Many homes show floodwater of more than two feet.Large trees were uprooted in backyards and on the golf course throughout the community. One resident, David Carroll, said he's seen several on houses.

Singleton Beach: Lurye reported that the Singleton Beach Community seem to have avoided serious damage. Mailboxes had been blown off some posts and several homes were missing window panes. From the beach, dredging equipment still peaked out of the sand. And the long dock stretching out from Singleton Beach into the marsh was intact, if battered.

Marshland Road: Lurye reported that the road was only accessible from Mathews Drive and the Cross Island Parkway on Sunday afternoon, not Leg o Mutton Road. Many homes already are lifted off the ground or propped up with cinderblocks, but several mobile homes' porch skirts were ripped away, revealing some damage underneath. Several yards or still flooded with standing water on Sunday afternoon. Mobile home parks along the road we're messy but the homes themselves did not seem to have shifted their positions. At 201 Marshland, two mobile homes were struck by trees. One only suffered some roof damage, but the other was knocked partly sideways. The neighborhood's pier was intact but impossible because it's railings had folded in on itself.

Island Packet reporter Rebecca Lurye takes to Facebook Live to survey Hurricane Matthew damage in the Marshland Road area of Hilton Head Island.

Indigo Run: Reader Mary Ellen Nygaard reported that power is on and trucks are clearing debris. Both the front and back gate are flooded.

Shipyard Plantation: Heffernan reported that some roads are impassable because of standing water. There are also trees down. Work is underway to clear the roads. Water has also flooded the road to the Sonesta.

Hilton Head Plantation: Lurye reported Monday that trees are down on top of several homes — seems like at least one or two on every street. Some homes, including those in The Headlands, are inaccessible as of 2 p.m. Monday because of fallen trees and debris.

Residents received this update Sunday from general manager Peter Kristian: “Crews continue to work from Clenland Construction and Palmetto Coastal to clear the main roads. Whooping Crane way and Seabrook drive to the Seabrook why have been cleared. Crews are working on Dolphin Head Drive and High Bluff Road. Oyster Reef Drive Headlands Drive and parts of crooked Pond remain impassable. The Ribaut Island Bridge is intact and the causeway to Hickory Forest is intact. A 12 midnight curfew has been established. Water and Sewer Service in electrical service still remain off. Only one lane of traffic is Flowing on 278 once you get on the island.”

From reader Rabbi Dr. Arthur Segal: “(Country Club Court), hh plant,was viewed by two different residents who stayed on island, Saturday, street was flooded, but homes looked intact, with no evidence of flooding. Sunday, road is clear and water has drained off. houses look ok from cursory look. to get from back gate of hhp driving to county club ct, one needed to drive on half road and half grass to avoid fallen trees. county club ct, had no fallen trees blocking it. mariner condos on skull creek are intact. condo next door, had chimney fall, and roof damage, gleenmore place across street, had flooding of a few inches in homes...from the lagoons, not skull creek.”

James McGrath and Christina Rodgers helped clear trees throughout Hilton Head Plantation on Sunday. They said some trees were down on homes and some houses still appeared to be flooded. "There is still flooding in some places and even into the houses but the water is starting to go down," Rodgers said. "It's kind of a scary situation over there."

Wexford Plantation: James McGrath reports there were about 400 trees down from the main entrance to Yorkshire Drive, off Bridgetown Road. He said there were also trees down on about a third of the houses between Bridgetown and Yorkshire. "The yacht basin is fully full, and it looks like some of the yachts have made it," he added.

South Forest Beach: Reader John Chiacchiero reports that Ocean Club Villas on South Forest Beach Drive had very minimal damage. A couple of trees down that did not hit buildings; some canvas unit dividers torn; no flooding; no broken windows. All in all, the complex came through virtually unscathed.


Lakes At Edgewater: Residents were sent the following email from management. Thankfully Matthew spared us the flooding and our power is up and running. Unfortunately, we do have a lot of fallen trees and debris. We will be getting it all removed as soon as possible. Please abide by the rules and regulations given by our Beaufort County Emergency Management team. Lakes at Edgewater is still working under emergency only. There is a mandatory curfew for Beaufort County starting at 7:00pm until 7:00am. Violators will be prosecuted immediately according to laws state wide. Please continue to stay safe and our thoughts are with everyone affected by Hurricane Matthew!

Sun City: Christine Mallet emails that “water is high, trees are down, but not too much damage, I haven't seen any on houses luckily I was only without power for 2 hrs, no loss of gas, phones, Internet or cable (except for the power). But there still people without power.Food lion & Walgreens in Okatie are still closed we made it to Publix on Buckwalter via Bluffton Parkway but there wasn't much on the shelves, time to be creative, and only buy what you need. Additionally, Sun City residents were sent an email that included the following information: “Only a few Community Association employees have been able to enter Sun City Hilton Head, and they are working as quickly as they can to survey the damage and secure the community. Some roads are still flooded, and there is still no power to certain areas of the community.”

Parkside At Baynard Park: Residents report that the neighborhood seems in good shape and electricity is on.

Belfair: David Dew, Belfair’s general manager, sent the following email to residents: There are a significant number of trees down around the community. The cleanup of the downed trees and debris will take us quite some time. Jody Farber and Bart Bradshaw of Belfair’s Golf Maintenance Staff are our "heroes of the day" as they worked tirelessly making many of our roadways passable. Due to the number of trees down on the roadways, we request that no one travel throughout the community after dark. Also, please do not drive on members' lawns or lots. Belfair Oaks Boulevard is now open for emergency access all the way from the front gate to Richland Drive. The causeway, Belmont Drive, and Lady Slipper are still completely blocked and there are trees blocking Bamberg as well. Please use extreme caution on all roadways. Electric service has been restored to most homes in Belfair, but not all. Palmetto Electric and SCEG are still in Assessment mode today and will not be restoring power until their process is completed. We have spoken with local authorities this afternoon, and there is still no clear answer on when you as residents will be granted re-entry to the Bluffton/Hilton Head area. Emergency personnel and local government officials are still working to assess all damage in the area. We encourage you to remain safely wherever you are until such time the public roads and highways are officially re-opened for the General Public. Many of the public highways are still partially or completely blocked, and several roadways are flooded ...We are also working to get our employees back into the area as quickly as possible to help with the debris clearing process, and our outside contractor is attempting to do the same with their employees. Like you, our employees have not yet been permitted access to return to the Bluffton area either. The Sheriff's office has increased their patrols throughout Belfair, and they are working in conjunction with our security team to closely monitor the community. Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office, Emergency Management Division may be reached by dialing 1.800.963.5023. Please dial 911 for any emergency. Our technology professionals are attempting to restore Belfair's email service for all employees on the domain, and we expect email service will be fully restored by tomorrow. In the meantime, Dan Duryea, Director of Community Management, is available via cell phone for your calls and will share information as it becomes readily available. He can be reached at (843) 384-5182. You will find a variety of other contact numbers and other useful information on the Belfair Member Website under the Safety & Security Tab/Hurricane Preparedness.This hurricane has caused great damage in our community and all across the Lowcountry. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work to bring our staff back safely and clean up our community. We are committed to restore all POA operations as quickly as possible.

Plantation Point: Lurye reported that the entrance is blocked in one direction, from westbound U.S. 278. Residents should drive through the Belfair shopping center to access the neighborhood. Gates are still being kept open, and large trees that fell across the road have been cleared away.

Palmetto Bluff: Residents received the following email message from the community’s security: “Power, Internet and cell service continue to be spotty in the area. We have a limited team on-site working on tree removal, roadway clearing, and property cleanup. We request that you do not attempt to make contact with this on-site team so they can focus on damage assessment and cleanup. We hope to provide more of an update regarding the status of the property tomorrow and ask for your patience as we assess the area.”

All of the information below was as of Saturday, Oct. 8

Here’s what we know so far about damage, power outages — officially and unofficially

As of 7 a.m., about 80,000 people in Beaufort County were without power, according to Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Capt. Bob Bromage. Preliminary reports indicated there was "significant" damage throughout the county.

The Emergency Operations Center in Beaufort fielded has been fielding calls for downed trees and power lines, Bromage said. There were three structure fires in the northern part of the county.

Storm surge damage is unclear at this point, Bromage said. Daylight and calls from the public would begin to help law enforcement, firefighters and other safety personnel better assess the damage, he said.

Following are unofficial reports of damage and power outages in Beaufort and Jasper counties from Facebook and reporters’ observation this morning as of around 10:30 a.m.:


Bradley Burnell: Beaufort no power since around 2 a.m. ; downed trees, flooding and strong winds at 7:30.

Alisa Roberts: No power, city of Beaufort. Trees down on cable line. High wind still. Been like this since 10 p.m. last night.

Larry Holman: No power in Battery Point. Lots of debris on the streets. Hear flying object like metal roof. Some flooding.

Katherine Gill: No power on Battery Point.

Dawn Elliott: On Battery Creek Road windy, lots of branches down. We do not have power.

Casey Garay Switzer: No power in the back of the Shadow Moss subdivision.

Ramona K Townsend: No power near Laurel Bay area. Lost it about 5 a.m.

Deenie Hiester White: No power on Bay Pines Road. Strong winds.

Eve Heaton: No power in the Mossy Oaks area.


Meredith Ore: Power still on in Buckwalter area; still windy, standing water by the storm drains from all the rain -not flooded. Just tree debris everywhere; no down trees though!

Rochelle Ilyse Kagan: No power on Burnt Church Road; looks like the storm is over now.

Lisa Buechler Messmer: My husband sent a message saying no power at our home in Lawton Station – Bluffton.

Sarah McDermott: We're in Southern Oaks. No power since 8 p.m. last night. No flooding. High winds, which is starting to pull off the storm panels on some homes.

Greg Shumaker: In Rose Hill in Bluffton. Power still on, a few large trees down and a lot of debris. Slight flooding in the yard but the house is dry and intact.

Amy Turner: No power in Colleton River Plantation. Lots of debris and limbs down.

Paula Panepinto Tilley: Power on in Westbury Park.

Charles Clark: Power is back on here in University Park next door to the USCB.

Lots of fallen trees in Rose Hill Plantation.

Burton area

Judi Gesell Judge: We really need help in our neighborhood. Trees fell on our house and one next door fell and knocked the poles and power lines down. Power lines are all over everywhere on the ground and transformers, trees and lines down across the road. We are stranded in here; there is no way at all to get out. This is on Vaux Road in Broad River Bluff.

Michelle Knapp: Doing good in Burton. No power, lots of wind, no flooding.

Hilton Head Island

Molly Evans: Checked in with relative who lives in PD and in HHP: Lots of trees down, no power, flooding. Many streets impassable.

Facebook user Glenn Klepchick shared with us these scenes from the Hilton Head Plantation by boat in one of the neighborhood's lakes. He said there were 50 trees down on Oyster Reef Drive. He progressed just 200 yards iin 45 minutes because of deb

Tracey Lancione Lloyd: Our alarm shows power failure at the Preserve at Indigo Run. We are off island so no idea what damage.

Bobbie Dill Gaski: Sea Pines Club Course neighborhood. We're on Otter Road. No power. Flooding. Lots of trees down.

Amanda Major: I can tell power is out in South Forest Beach (our place is right by the Sea Pines Ocean Gate)

Extreme flooding, debris and downed trees in Hilton Head Plantation.

Josselyn Campos: You can see this is outside of my house in the Squiresgate neighborhood. We are fine beside power is out.

Lady’s Island

Kelly and Shawn Hill in Magnolia Court on Lady's Island: No power since about 8 p.m. last night. No major flooding or downed trees that we can see from here.

Elizabeth Gillette Thayer: Royal Pines on Lady's Island has been without power in since at least yesterday evening.

Wendy Sneed Greene: Power has been out in Telfair on Lady’s island since 8 p.m. last night. No major damage to my house. But it is a mess out there. We are safe. Praise God!

Bruce Baker, Lady’s Island- Royal Pines: No power for hours, no surprise! Lots of wind and rain, gusts are crazy. Can't see much yet, another 1/2 hour. 

Northern Beaufort County

Marlene Fitzgerald Coleman: At Bull Point in northern Beaufort Co., no electric since 9:20 last night. Rain is lighter but wind gusts are pretty strong.          

Northern Beaufort County

Rebecca Lynn Smith Fine in Sheldon: No power; lots of rain and wind.

David Dorsey: No power in Burton since 2 a.m.

Port Royal

Karrie Ferrell Donohue: Port Royal on 12th Street behind dockside area. No flooding; decent shape here; no power but only branches down.

Francis P. Burgt: Power appears to be gone at 4:45 am on Broad River Drive, Shell Point area this morning. 


Mary Malphrus Cooper: No power at my house in Ridgeland since about 10:30 last night.

St. Helena Island

Bill Heinlein: No power in St. Helena, 4:45 a.m.


David Paul Murray: Yemassee lost power as of 6:45 a.m.

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