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SC state employee salaries

The South Carolina Statehouse on March 13, 2014, in Columbia, SC.
The South Carolina Statehouse on March 13, 2014, in Columbia, SC. AP

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    Helpful Hints

    Note the "updated" column in results to determine how new the data is.

    This databases contains the names, positions and salaries of state government employees making $50,000 or more a year in base salary, as furnished by the agencies in response to S.C. Freedom of Information Act requests.

    Note that some employees, such as university coaches and administrators, may receive a substantially higher amount beyond the state salary listed here because of contributions from private foundations, sporting goods promotional contracts and other sources.

    Generally, salaries of employees earning less than $50,000 a year are available in $4,000 ranges directly from the agency of interest.

    Why do we publish this data? A majority of agencies, commissions and other entities contained in this database pay employees through state or local appropriations. Some receive no tax money and operate by generating their own revenue. They are included here because they were established to serve the public interest, were started with public money, and their payrolls are part of the public record.

    Search tips: To search by name, type in all or part of a name. (Example: "presley" or "pres" or "elvis".) You can also limit your search by agency using the dropdown menu. Results are returned by salary, descending.

    Note that results are returned in 1000-record increments but all records matching your search terms will be available. To reduce the number of results pages, keep your search parameters specific (for example, limit results to certain agencies or, for large agencies, to both agency and salary ranges).

    How old is the data and where does it come from? The State obtains the data through S.C. Freedom of Information Act requests. The S.C. Department of Administration supplies about 81 percent of the over 24,000 records in the database. The date we received the data is reflected in the search results.

    FOIA requests are sent separately to the following agencies.

    • Administrative Law Court
    • Commission on Prosecution Coordination
    • Education Lottery Education Oversight Committee
    • House Staff
    • Judicial Department
    • Legislative Audit Council
    • Legislative Council
    • Legislative Printing, Information and Technical Services
    • Medical University Hospital Authority
    • Office of Regulatory Staff
    • Santee Cooper
    • Senate Staff
    • South Carolina Jobs - Economic Development Authority
    • South Carolina Research Authority
    • State Ports Authority

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