South Carolina

SC authorities searching for missing child’s body in Richland landfill

Sumter Police Department officers along with other authorities have been looking in a Richland County landfill for the body of a child for three days, according to a department spokesperson.

Tuesday, authorities began searching a private landfill owned by the Waste Management company located near Screaming Eagle Road outside the Pontiac community, Sumter police spokesperson Tonyia McGirt said in a statement.

Police are hoping to find the body of five-year-old Nevaeh Adams who went missing in August.

Police found Adams’ mother, Sharee Bradley, dead inside her Sumter apartment on Aug. 5.

Investigators found out that suspect Daunte Johnson was seen running from Bradley’s house around the time of her death. Police arrested him, and, during an interrogation, he confessed to killing Bradley and her daughter, according to Sumter Police Department. He told police he put Adams’ body in a dumpster.

Evidence analyzed by South Carolina Law Enforcement Division agents supported that Adams’ body was placed in a dumpster, McGirt said.

After searching the Sumter County landfill, authorities learned that 230 tons of trash was transferred from Sumter to Richland County. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children have identified areas of the landfill where the human remains or other evidence were likely to be located.

Sixty or more public and private employees are searching for the Adams body in the landfill, McGirt said.

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