South Carolina

KEY: 10 Things you might not know about South Carolina... but should

Palmetto trees stand in Beaufort, South Carolina
Palmetto trees stand in Beaufort, South Carolina

You took the test, right?

Well here are the answers:

The crescent on the flag isn’t the moon?

Nope. It’s actually supposed to represent the breastplate of a Revolutionary war uniform.

The Last Song wasn’t filmed in the Carolinas?

There have been a lot of films set in the Lowcountry, but The Last Song was actually filmed across the South Carolina border on Tybee Island.

Pee Dee: South Carolina’s Native American Tribe

It’s a fun name to say, but it truly belongs to the Native American tribe that have lived in South Carolina for centuries.

The small tribe lives along the Pee Dee River to this day.

Most of the islands are located in South Carolina’s Lowcountry in Charleston and Beaufort County.

The South Carolina coast is fringed with islands. There are 34 of them just off our coasts.

South Carolina actually produces the most peaches in America.

But the state has gotten into a war with Georgia over this claim to fame.

The state built the Peachoid to show that South Carolina peaches are far superior to Georgia’s.

We all can be the judge of that (but of course our vote is with SC).

Yup, Palmetto Trees were used to build Fort Moultrie.

It turns out palmetto trees are strong enough to stand against cannonballs.

Fort Moultrie, a Revolutionary War fortress, was built out of both palmetto logs and sand during the Revolutionary War.

However, with time and neglect came time to reconstruct the fort — over and over again.

Today the fort is made mostly of concrete and steel.

Why would you want to keep a horse in a bathtub?

Who knows why, but it’s definitely against the law in South Carolina.

But other states have laws that are as ridiculous.

Across the border in Georgia, you’re not allowed to eat your fried chicken with a fork or knife.

Then there’s no spitting in Alabama. To be more specific, in Mobile you can’t spit orange peels onto the sidewalk.

And you can’t dance to the National Anthem in Massachusetts.

Put on your hiking boots because this trail is a whopping 500 miles long.

In a state crisscrossed by trails, the longest — the Palmetto Trail — runs from Walhalla in the Blue Ridge Mountains to Awendaw on the Intracoastal Waterway.

Woodrow Wilson might have been born in Staunton, Virginia…

But he definitely spent his childhood living in Augusta, Georgia, and our very own Columbia.

You can tour his childhood home in our state’s capital. It’s one of the only presidential sites in the state.

Despite the large number of churches in Charleston, there’s more to the story.

Yates Snowden was a professor at the University of South Carolina and he also was good friends with the editor of the Post and Courier, Charleston’s Post and Courier reported.

Snowden first used the phrase “The Holy City,” but the editor began to also use it in the newspaper. Then the nickname just stuck.

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