North Carolina

Turtle puts on a show, digging a nest and laying eggs for tourists on NC beach

Tourists on Holden Beach, North Carolina got to watch as a sea turtle dug a nest and laid her eggs.

So far this season there are 41 sea turtle nests on Holden Beach, which is already more than last year, according to the Town of Holden Beach. With six weeks left in laying season, this year is turning out to be a record-breaking season for sea turtles laying their eggs on Holden Beach and around North Carolina, the town said.

And one sea turtle apparently didn’t mind laying hers in front of an audience.

At around 6 a.m. Tuesday, visitors and someone from the Turtle Patrol saw a turtle on the beach, according to the Holden Beach Turtle Watch Program.

The turtle proceeded to dig a nest and lay her eggs in front of the group, which included tourists from Virginia. She then crawled down the beach and back into the ocean, the program said.

Turtle Patrol then used a grate to cover the nest and marked it, the program said.

It’s very rare to see turtles dig a nest and lay eggs in the daylight, according to the program.

The nest is expected to hatch in early August, the town said.

“If you see a mother turtle on the beach please do not disturb her. Please call the Turtle Patrol’s emergency phone number. If it is dark, please DO NOT take flash photos or shine a light on her,” the Turtle Watch Program said.

Their emergency number is 910-754-0766.

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