‘Drunkorexia’ latest form of alcohol abuse on college campuses

‘Drunkorexia” — in which excessive drinking is preceded by fasting or vigorous exercise — appears to be sweeping U.S. college campuses, according to a study by University of Houston researchers.

Known as "drunkorexia," the practice refers to a combination of diet-related behaviors, such as food restriction, excessive exercise, or binge eating and purging, with alcohol use, lead investigator Dr. Dipali V. Rinker told Medscape Medical News.

The aim of drunkorexia is often to get drunker or get drunk faster. This may involve induced vomiting, the consumption of laxatives or diuretics, or not eating at all before drinking. Students living in fraternity or sororities houses are most likely to engage in the behavior, according to the study, presented in late June at the 39th Annual Research Society on Alcoholism Scientific Meeting in New Orleans.