Aggressive 100-pound pig terrorizes Southern California neighborhood, officials say

A 100-pound pig on “high aggression” terrorized a Southern California neighborhood Thursday night, charging residents and running wild through the streets, The Desert Sun reported.

The incident took place about 8:30 p.m. in Corona, west of Riverside near the Cleveland National Forest, The Riverside Press-Enterprise reported.

Corona police officers and neighbors corralled the pig, which had reportedly caused panic in the neighborhood, in a backyard until Riverside Animal control officers arrived, MyNewsLA reported.

Officers shot the pig with a tranquilizer dart, then once it nodded off “improvised by using a large trash container to wheel it out to a horse trailer,” wrote spokesman John Walsh in a release, The Desert Sun reported.

Animal control officials aren’t sure whether the pig, which is now at a county shelter, is wild or an escaped pet, The Riverside Press-Enterprise reported.

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Don Sweeney has been a newspaper reporter and editor in California for more than 25 years. He has been a real-time reporter based at The Sacramento Bee since 2016.