Untamed Lowcountry

Hilton Head man saves dog from alligator attack. Here’s how he did it.

Harvey, a black lab, was playing in his Long Cove Plantation backyard Friday when he became a little too curious about a pond bordering the yard

Candace Hobus said the one-year-old lab is owned by her father who was in the backyard with the dog at the time. She said Harvey is typically well-behaved off leash and it was bizarre that he went into the pond.

“My dad was having a fit and was trying to get him out of the water,” Hobus said. “The dog will do anything if you have a stick or a ball and my dad was like, ‘He will follow me with this stick in my hand.’”

Harvey — weighing more than 100 pounds — was almost out of the water with just his two back legs in the pond when an eight-foot alligator attacked.

“He (alligator) didn’t even swim up,” Hobus said. “It was under the water.”

Hobus said in a matter of seconds the gator took a bite at Harvey’s back.

“Dad hit him with a stick and he went away,” Hobus said.

Harvey was rushed to the vet where he received stitches. The bite didn’t hit any bone or muscle.

With some pain pills and antibiotics, Harvey is slowly getting back to his cuddly, goofy and sweet way of life, Hobus said.

His twice a day beach trips have been limited as his stitches heal.

Hobus said she wanted to share the story to remind everyone that the danger for dogs in the area can be real.

“It is everyone’s biggest fear,” Hobus said.

An 85-pound husky was killed by an alligator on Hilton Head Island in 2016.

Hobus said her father, Hugh, was taking — what seems like a much needed — mountain retreat on Sunday.