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Hilton Head girl brought 2 knives to elem. school and threatened to kill a boy, police say

Hilton Head Island School for the Creative Arts administrators found two kitchen knives last week in the backpack of a student who allegedly told another student she was going to kill a boy for liking another girl, a Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office report said.

Deputies went to the elementary school Thursday morning after receiving a report of a weapon on campus.

After a student told a teacher that the girl had a knife, the child was taken to the administrator’s office, according to the report. When a teacher searched her bag, she found two knives with 3-4 inch blades.

The child told administrators “she got the knives from her kitchen the night before because she was thinking about being mean to someone,” the report said.

The girl told her teacher that her mother did not know she had the knives. The administrator said the girl “became extremely upset and crying the more she talked about the incident. “

Upon investigation, deputies learned that the girl told another student the day before that she was mad at a boy for liking another girl, and she was going to kill the boy with a knife, according to the report. That student then told a second-grade teacher.

The boy told police that he had learned the day before from another student that the girl said she was going to kill him and somebody else, according to the report. He said he didn’t know who that second person would be.

The boy told police he “wasn’t afraid of (the girl) or anybody else in the school and he was fine,” the report said.

The girl’s mother, responding to the school, said she did not want law enforcement questioning her daughter about the incident.

Deputies contacted officials at Beaufort County Family Court and were told they do not have a program for children the age of the girl, but that she should be disciplined by the school.

According to the Beaufort County School District handbook, a student found to have a knife with a blade over 2 inches can get as many as 10 days of out-of-school suspension, with a recommendation for expulsion or an assignment to an alternative school.

“Schools take safety extremely seriously,” district spokesperson Jim Foster said. “If a student does something that endangers another student, we’re going to take appropriate disciplinary measures.”

Mandy Matney is an award-winning journalist and self-proclaimed shark enthusiast from Kansas. She worked for newspapers in Missouri and Illinois before she realized Midwestern winters are horrible, then moved to Hilton Head in 2016. She is the breaking news editor at the Island Packet.