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Beaufort County man arrested for attempted murder after stabbing of brother, police say

Beaufort County Detention Center

Paul Carlos Bettencourt, 48, of Beaufort, was arrested Sunday for attempted murder after his brother was stabbed at a Gray’s Hill family party.

Bettencourt remains in Beaufort County Detention Center with a $75,000 bond.

Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office responded to a stabbing on Hazel Road in Gray’s Hill at about 1:41 a.m. Sunday.

The victim was stabbed in the middle of his chest and on the lower left side of his abdomen.

He told police that his brother, Bettencourt, is the person who stabbed him and it happened after the two had an argument while attending a family gathering.

The argument started after the brother gave Bettencourt money to purchase cigarettes, the report says. The victim told police Bettencourt took the money but never gave him the cigarettes or change.

When confronted, Bettencourt threw a propane tank at the brother, the report says. The two fought for a moment but then stopped, the brother told police.

The brother was sitting outside when Bettencourt came out of the house holding two knives, the report says.

Deputies found Bettencourt inside of the house where he was arrested.