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Man follows Beaufort Co. woman from gas station, report says. Then it happened again

A St. Helena woman filed a suspicious person report with the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office Tuesday after a man followed her home from a Parker’s convenience store on Sea Island Parkway

He also later followed her as she drove to a friend’s house, the report said.

The report said the woman noticed an “older white gentleman” at the gas station about 10:30 a.m. She “did not pay much attention to him” at the time.

While driving to her home, she noticed the man following her in a possible 2008 model gray or silver Hyundai SUV. After arriving at her house, the woman saw the man park a couple driveways down. He then reversed out of the driveway and drove by her house, slowing down as he did.

The same vehicle then drove by her house multiple times, the report said.

Concerned, the woman called her husband and asked him to come home. She also called a friend who she stayed on the phone with as she flagged down the man who she described as in his mid-40s with a dark baseball cap and dark tanned skin.

“She asked the driver what he wanted and got a response that he was looking for Horse Island,” the report said. “She told him where it was and that he proceeded toward Horse Island.”

Yet, it wasn’t the last time the woman would see the man.

She decided to visit a friend that evening because she was worried, the report said.

While on her way to the friend’s residence she noticed the vehicle tailing her once again. She pulled into Lady’s Island Airport and the car pulled off into Walmart, the report said.

She once again pulled onto the road and traveled to Grayco on Sam’s Point Way where a friend works. The car again followed, the report said.

At this time the woman called the Sheriff’s Office. The vehicle left while she was waiting for police to respond, the woman told deputies.

She noted the vehicle had an oval sticker on its bumper. Another sticker was on the vehicle’s back window, but she couldn’t get a clear view of it.

The woman is in the process of getting a separation from her husband, the report said. When asked about the man being a possible private investigator, the woman told police she didn’t think was the case.

A deputy contacted dispatch to see if a private investigator notified dispatch of working a case in the area. Dispatch had not been notified of any, the report said.

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