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Child, dogs removed from Beaufort County home filled with animal feces and urine, police say

A child and three dogs were removed from a Burton home on Stanley Road Saturday after Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office deputies discovered dog feces and urine throughout the residence.

Deputies were performing a welfare checkup after receiving a report of child neglect, a Sheriff’s Office report says.

A “strong odor of ammonia (urine)“ was smelled upon entering the child’s father’s home, a deputy noted.

Multiple piles of feces were on the living room floor. Old piles of feces were stacked in the corners of the living room, the report says.

“The carpets were stained with urine and the floors were soft when walking on them,” the report says. “There was no place to sit down or set anything on the tables due to the amount of trash and discarded waste through the residence.”

Dog feces and urine also were found inside a room that appeared to be for the child. Multiple child posters and a child bed were found in the room, the report says.

“I observed trash and miscellaneous clothing items throughout,” the report says. “The bed was covered with debris to the point that a small portion of the bed could be used to lay on.”

Other rooms, including the kitchen, looked similar.

“I observed the table to have old spoiled food that had mold growing on it,” the report says. “There was old spoiled food and trash on the floors and counter tops.”

Following the walk-through, deputies made contact with the S.C. Department of Social Services, Beaufort County Animal Control and the child’s biological mother.

DSS arrived on the scene and assumed the investigation. The mother’s home was walked through by a DSS agents. The agents deemed the mother’s residence as fit and custody of the child was given to her.

Animal Control conducted a separate walk-through of the father’s residence. They issued the father six citations and seized all three dogs.

Teresa Moss is a crime and public safety reporter for The Island Packet and The Beaufort Gazette. She has worked as a journalist for 16-years for newspapers in Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas.