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Hilton Head woman fell victim to internet scam, report says. She lost $150,000

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A Hilton Head Island woman lost $150,000 in an internet scam conducted over several months, according to a Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office report.

According to the report made Tuesday, the woman became lonely after she and her husband divorced and engaged in an online relationship with a man who identified himself as Lt. General William Jones. The man claimed he was a retired army officer and suffered from financial hardships.

The woman told a deputy that she was also contacted by a man online named Capt. David Baker. Baker claimed to also have financial struggles and the woman sent them both money through direct wires and iTunes gift cards.

A deputy wrote in the report that he provided the woman with information about how to identify scams that target senior citizens and told her that it would be “impossible” to locate the person or people responsible for the scam.

No arrests were listed in the report.