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Deputy draws gun in Okatie parking lot after report of armed man, report says

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A Beaufort County deputy drew his weapon Friday afternoon in a Okatie parking lot after a report of an armed man in the area, according to a Sheriff’s Office report.

The incident happened around 1 p.m. in Okatie Center Boulevard in the Walgreen’s parking lot after several people called to report a man in the parking lot holding a handgun and pointing it toward nearby woods.

When a deputy arrived, he saw a man with what appeared to be a black revolver in his hand.

“He appeared to be pacing back and forth and then was pointing the gun toward U.S. 278,” the report said.

“I approached him and drew my service weapon and started giving him commands at gun point,” the deputy wrote in the report.

The man then put the weapon on top of a car and laid down on the ground at the deputy’s command. The passenger in the vehicle did the same as the deputy continued to stand, gun drawn, until backup could arrive.

As they waited, the man who held the gun allegedly said it was a BB gun, according to the report. After a while, he attempted to get up from the ground, and the deputy handcuffed him until help arrived.

Once another deputy got to the scene, it was confirmed that the weapon was a BB gun. Another rifle BB gun was found in the passenger seat of the car.

Both the suspect and his passenger smelled of alcohol, the report said. They were issued trespass notices from the property and a family member came to the scene to pick up the vehicle.

No arrests were noted in the report.