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She was driving in Bluffton on a beginner’s permit, with pot and beer in the car, police say

A Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office deputy stopped a car Thursday night and found a nervous driver with a “beginner’s permit” and “shaking” hands, according to a report.

The deputy stopped the car near Buffalo Wild Wings off Bluffton Road because it had an expried Georgia tag, the report said.

The driver, a female whose age not listed in the report, had a shaky voice and was “fumbling with documents” in the car, the deputy noted.

There were “multiple burn holes” in the driver’s and passenger’s seats of the red Honda Accord, and there was “green shake” — “suspected marijuana crumbs” — in the car, according to the report.

She was the only person in the car and handed the deputy a South Carolina beginner’s permit.

The deputy asked her if there was anything in the car, and she said there was a marijuana grinder in the vehicle.

It was a gold grinder and contained “green vegetation,” according to the report.

Finally, the deputy found a 20 oz. Coors Light bottle, “cool to the touch,” with a small amount of beer in it.

The car was towed and the driver arrested, charged with violation of a beginner’s permit, open container in a vehicle and simple possession of marijuana.