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Lowcountry woman fined after more than 100 animals found dead on her property

A Hampton County woman was fined $2,750 this week after more than 100 animals were found dead on her property, according to WSAV.

Connie Jackson, of Ficken Road in Early Branch, was charged with three counts of Animal cruelty and abandonment, per Hampton County Court documents. WSAV says a judge did not sentence her to jail time.

A welfare check was done on the property because of reports of buzzards flying over the Early Branch property, WTOC reported. WTOC says there also were multiple reports of animals, such as horses, roaming in the area.

Animals found dead on the site included horses, pigs, sheep, chickens, turkeys and dogs, WTOC reported. The article says food, water and living space was limited for animals still alive at the property.

Michelle Reid of Valiant Animal Rescue testified to a Hampton County judge about the case this week, WSAV said., saying there were chickens walking on other chickens and maggots everywhere.

Reid told the judge she has been helping with cases for more than 10 years in the state, WSAV’s article says. She said it was in the the top 10 cases as far as size.

Valiant Animal Rescue posted on Facebook Aug. 1 that they have a lot of animal expenses at this time because of the case and others they are working.

WSAV said Jackson told the judge a lot of the animals died from flooding and weather.

A Hilton Head woman was charged with 18 counts of multiple charges including animal cruelty in May after 12 dogs were found at her Hilton Head home in Sea Pines in April.